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0:00 최성훈 - Ombra mai fu
3:02 Aalia (알리아) - Adrenaline (Italian ver.)
6:30 솔라 (마마무) - Adrenaline
9:57 라포엠 (LA POEM) - Lacrimosa
13:44 Aalia (알리아) - Is This Love
17:22 존박 - I'm Always by Your Side
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  • Stone Music Entertainment
    Stone Music Entertainment

    0:00 최성훈 - Ombra mai fu 3:02 Aalia (알리아) - Adrenaline (Italian ver.) 6:30 솔라 (마마무) - Adrenaline 9:57 라포엠 (LA POEM) - Lacrimosa 13:44 Aalia (알리아) - Is This Love 17:22 존박 - I'm Always by Your Side

    • Isabel Jan Di Chan
      Isabel Jan Di Chan

      Excelente😍😍😍 Obras de arte ❤

    • josamhil

      That last song though 😍😍😍 we’ll never hear it the same way after watching last night’s kissing scene ❤️

    • Lia•체리

      Thank youuu

    • Ximena Vargas Bautista
      Ximena Vargas Bautista

      @itzmeesun eso q

    • Annisa Lutfi
      Annisa Lutfi

      I'm Always by Your Side it's amazing❤️

  • Pamei Albotra
    Pamei Albotra

    i can't believe that the most streamed korean drama on netflix (+ many more achievements) does not have official music videos + main leads photoshoot + post interview together (Jeon Yeo Been & Song Joong Ki) and many more...this is sad as a die-hard fan of the 'Vincenzo'

  • Sarah Padure
    Sarah Padure

    please make this playlist with rain sounds in the back its so relaxing, i listened to this in the rain ..... the best

  • drs simon
    drs simon

    Amazing soundtrack, hands down

  • wind10miko

    Thank you so much for this!!!!

  • khalida abdullah
    khalida abdullah

    So nice

  • Mehrun Nissa
    Mehrun Nissa

    i m still not over with this drama and this music its just amazing

  • KeyMin

    Adrenaline (Italian ver.) is the best!!! Chills!!!

  • 야옹이


  • Isa Chan!
    Isa Chan!


  • J.R


  • Baekhyunnnluv


  • dine

    I love song joongki

  • Drich C.
    Drich C.

    i miss them :

  • Tania Chávez
    Tania Chávez

    Ahora ¿ Qué haremos sin el mejor drama del 2021?🌠 Vincenzo 🌠

  • Phương Anh Lê
    Phương Anh Lê


  • Rio Trirahmawati
    Rio Trirahmawati

    the last one i like it

  • Person 1
    Person 1

    When I hear adrenaline I remember if the cameo scenes of that bank person and Vincenzo

  • Lexion 408DHB
    Lexion 408DHB

    3:02 태...태호?

  • Dolores Kohlrausch Poletti
    Dolores Kohlrausch Poletti

    Extraordinary magnificent OST, perfect blessed voice🙏👏👏👏👏💯🇧🇷Ombra mai fu

  • Meri Kim
    Meri Kim


  • Scarleth Kryza Lomocso
    Scarleth Kryza Lomocso

    I miss already Vincenzo drama......I'm Always by Your Side is making me cry...

  • Mishaela DL
    Mishaela DL

    Siento un vacío tremendo en mi corazón. El mejor drama del 2021 y aún no lo supero. Extraño a todo el elenco de Vincenzo. Por qué tuviste que morir HanSeo, alma inocente. Tengo esperanzas por un 2 temporada de Vincezo, es posible o no? Solita me ilusiono

  • D Wade
    D Wade

    ALL the songs are amazing but the last song especially tugs on my heartstrings uwu

  • ᅵᄋ

    와 마지막 노래 존박 노래였음...? 미쳤다

  • Irene Edeline
    Irene Edeline


  • Master Piece
    Master Piece

    6:30 나만 이 노래가 영화 "사냥의 시간"의 오프닝 부분이랑 비슷하다고 생각했나..

  • 어수선

    해외팬 엄청 많네 ㄷㄷ

  • Tashaamelia Jannah
    Tashaamelia Jannah

    The best drmaa 😍

  • Rahmat Kiehl
    Rahmat Kiehl

    I can't move on😭

  • Carolina Ledesma
    Carolina Ledesma

    EVERYTHING ABOUT VINCENZO IS PURE GOLD!!! 👏👏👏 I'm speechless. I think i need to process this too! ❤️ 🇦🇷

  • MaJoGuMiHo (:
    MaJoGuMiHo (:

    El mejor drama del 2021 sin duda alguna!!!!! En mis sueños existe una temporada 2... será posible? :P #VincenzoPetitionForSeason2 Para cuándo el OST Album de Vincenzo? Trabajo para darme al menos ese gustito aaajajjaja

  • vitória_ yoon
    vitória_ yoon

    Só muito perfeita vei

  • vitória_ yoon
    vitória_ yoon

    Que vontade de assistir de novo e de novo...

  • vitória_ yoon
    vitória_ yoon

    Nossa muito obrigada partiu sofrer em estilo pelo final eu amo tanto esse dorama vei em todos os sentidos.

  • • Jeon Hyunjin •
    • Jeon Hyunjin •

    👑 The best drama 👑

  • Laura bolaños
    Laura bolaños

    El mejor drama de este año sin lugar a duda

  • Silvia Frías
    Silvia Frías

    Me encantó este dorama uno de los mejores y su música también me gusta

  • Elizabeth v
    Elizabeth v

    Missing this already

  • Daniela Resendiz
    Daniela Resendiz

    Gracias por el ost!!! ♥️

  • Keren Troncoso
    Keren Troncoso

    🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧😍😍.. uno de los mejores dramas del 2021...

  • TANIA Multifandom
    TANIA Multifandom

    Adrenaline(italian) amooo esa versión me encanto !!

    • KeyMin

      A mi también me gustó mas la versión en italiano, tiene mas esencia con el drama.

  • TANIA Multifandom
    TANIA Multifandom


  • TANIA Multifandom
    TANIA Multifandom

    El mejor drama que eh visto en el 2021 !

  • Tornton Chainithikan
    Tornton Chainithikan

    best OST can not move on from here

  • Zero two
    Zero two

    Its mafia time!! Sad that its the end episode :(

    • Zero two
      Zero two

      Wheres the soundtrack when the gold lighter came out? Like vincenzo will be serious or its close to the end

  • tae's heart purple
    tae's heart purple

    Vincenzo kdrama is on next level Best kdrama of 2021 🔥

  • 월령

    앨범 씨디 나왔나요? 소장하고 싶은데...ㅠㅠ


    There may be a sequel to it..Just waiting for confirmation 👍..

  • The Happy Bulakenya Thespian Diaries
    The Happy Bulakenya Thespian Diaries

    Jeon Yeo Been and Song Joong Ki should win the Best Couple Award!!! :)

  • Rachell Posadas
    Rachell Posadas

    I will miss vincenzo

  • D Wade
    D Wade

    Can't help but think of the scenes when I hear these songs (especially the last song)

  • Astraea Isla
    Astraea Isla

    The beeest

  • jaylen Garcia
    jaylen Garcia


  • Regina Ruiz
    Regina Ruiz


  • Isabel Jan Di Chan
    Isabel Jan Di Chan

    Es una obra de arte ❤👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • SVT is Home
    SVT is Home


  • Verinise

    As an Italian I don't understand a single word in Adrenaline lol

  • María Ron
    María Ron

    Este es uno de los mejores K-dramas que he visto Aún me sigue doliendo el final, HanSeo TnT Mi bebé merecía ser feliz

  • drunk on caffeine
    drunk on caffeine

    THE BEST DRAMA 2021, THE BEST ACTOR AND BEST ACTRESS AND BEST TEAM EVER! I am very sure they wont read this. But whatever. Not only to the cast, but also the whole team production, from the director, the writer, the camera and sound directors, the cameramen, the stylists, the OSTs to the editors and everyone I couldnt mention.Thank you for a good roller coaster ride through these 20 episodes. Thank you so much for bring this such a wholesome masterpiece. Yes, you will be miss. I am hoping this drama will breakthrough the charts, win numerous drama awards. Hats off to Vincenzo team. We all need Season 2 not because the powerful chemistry that potrayed by everyone but also we need to know how the gold will distribute, what will happen to the bye bye baloon ticket that gave to Vincenzo, we need to see Cha Young going to Malta and also, for at very least, for once, I need to see Cassano Geumga Plaza family see Vincenzo again. And best of luck for each of them in their next projects. To SJK, congrats! You did such a splendid job again! To JSB, you deserves more recognition and yes, we need to see you more in the next projects! (Please watch Be Melodramatic and Night In Paradise, she such a BOMB DOT COM)! May sucess is all yours, everyone!

  • Nicholas __Helloo
    Nicholas __Helloo

    Ep.20 vincenzo is a happy ending 😙😙😙

  • Columba Mendoza
    Columba Mendoza

    Lo malo de este drama es que terminó 😣

    • Hangug variety
      Hangug variety

      Así es ,fue lo único malo 😔

  • Kimberly Montoya
    Kimberly Montoya

    I didn't know i need this playlist, the best...

  • Kimberly Montoya
    Kimberly Montoya

    El mejor drama, ando en crisis luego de su final, necesito más xD

  • Nicoll Vilca Cuba
    Nicoll Vilca Cuba

    Best drama 2021 🥺🤩💜

  • Yasmim 'L
    Yasmim 'L

    Eu queria as trilhas sonoras aquelas instrumentais sabe 😢😢

  • Mike Harris Brillantes
    Mike Harris Brillantes

    I love vincenzo 😭 hope for season 2 ...

  • fatalsquirtle

    Solar Adrenaline 😍💕

  • 오윤서

    빈센조 가지마ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ돌려놔ㅜㅜㅜㅜ엉엉ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

    • 20519임승윤

  • كوكب الاحداث
    كوكب الاحداث

    جميلل اناا احبك

  • كوكب الاحداث
    كوكب الاحداث

    Love you

  • Kay

    had the best time watching this drama with my mom, vincenzo was a masterpiece with a beautiful soundtrack to accompany it.

  • Peach Syrup
    Peach Syrup

    notification squad!

  • Sai Deepika
    Sai Deepika

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤MY FAV DRAMA EVER❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sai Deepika
    Sai Deepika

    Song joon gi ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Mirza Dwi
    Mirza Dwi

    there's no korean songs here. vincenzo is different level 👏

  • Juli

    /baila /Llora-

  • Halia Kim
    Halia Kim

    Beautiful album, i love drama Vincenzo😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Regina Akhadi
    Regina Akhadi


  • skrrt skrrt
    skrrt skrrt

    Vou aproveitar que terminou de lançar o dorama e ir assistir ♥️ eu lembro de assistir o primeiro ep e a decepção bateu ao ver q não tinha lançado mais episódios kkkk agora vou maratonar

  • Yezi Martinez
    Yezi Martinez

    Ame este Drama ❤️❤️❤️😭

  • Heloisa

    Não caiu a ficha ainda que já acabou :((

  • Cleane

    I love drama Vicenzo

  • Didit Wahyudi
    Didit Wahyudi

    The best and famous drakor in 2021

  • Victoria Hernandez
    Victoria Hernandez

    Vincenzo drama will be missed very much. Everyone in the drama did a very good job. Cassano family forever❤️

  • Rafael Villa
    Rafael Villa

    Este fue uno de los mejores doramas del 2021 me encantó y que mal que ya se haya terminado todo aaaaa

  • Jessica Anampa
    Jessica Anampa

    Que pex? Justo empeze a ver Vincenzo hoy o_o q2/5

  • suhayla elmi
    suhayla elmi

    i love vincenzo cassano

  • herry ؘ
    herry ؘ

    galera eu não entendi nada socorroo

  • sarai jimenez ojeda
    sarai jimenez ojeda

    VICENZO ❤️❤️❤️❤️😻

  • Tereza Altieri
    Tereza Altieri

    Eu sou de família italiana e não falo o italiano

  • Nelida Cac
    Nelida Cac

    Q hay después de Vincenzo? T.T

  • Tereza Altieri
    Tereza Altieri

    Asisti esse dorama muito bom fantásticos esses atores são isubistituivel nunca vi um coreano falar tão bem o italiano

  • Talita Alves
    Talita Alves

    Esse musica Adrenaline ver.Italian é incrível ♥♥♥ja estou com sdds do Vincenzo Cassano

  • Kpop Addict
    Kpop Addict

    Best drama of 2021, it just finished today and i already miss it

  • vitória_ yoon
    vitória_ yoon

    Me sentido foda com as música KKKKK, só de qualidade poh igual o dorama.

  • Talita Alves
    Talita Alves

    Vin Vin ♥♥

  • vitória_ yoon
    vitória_ yoon

    Muito obrigada por postar as música os nomes, partiu chorar eu vou sempre fica reassitindo esse dorama perfeito pqp.

  • 爆Bambam

    I loved it

  • Andy Soto
    Andy Soto

    I love it.

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